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As a BSC aggregator asset, the core function of AIVPN is the blockchain VPN node management system. AIVPN uses the non-tamperability and distributed characteristics of the blockchain to ensure the privacy and data security of users.


  • smart routing


    Its core function is to provide a secure and anonymous VPN connection and realize the management and monitoring of nodes through blockchain technology. AIVPN takes advantage of the immutability and distributed features of blockchain to ensure users’ privacy and data security.

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  • Non-Custodial


    AIVPN provides a highly encrypted VPN connection, which can help users avoid being monitored and snooped, and protect users’ privacy and data security.

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  • Non-Custodial

    Node verification

    AIVPN adopts a decentralized node management system. Users can verify the reliability and stability of nodes through blockchain technology to ensure the stability and security of the connection.

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  • Non-Custodial

    Security and privacy protection

    AIVPN provides a highly encrypted VPN connection to ensure that users’ data and privacy are protected. Through VPN connection, users can avoid being monitored, snooped or tracked, thus ensuring personal privacy and data security.

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How will it work in the future?

1. Select assets

Select your assets and amount

2. Select the network

Choose a blockchain network

3. Select node verification

Select the corresponding node for verification

4. Pair with AIVPN

Automatic pairing of VPN

5. Successful pairing

Successful pairing of optimal nodes

6. Completed

Enjoy a silky and fast trading experience

How it works
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Technology research and development and testing

Product launch and marketing

Blockchain technology integration

BSC Aggregator Asset Support

Global expansion and service upgrade

Token economics

Liquidity 45%
Marketing 10%
Team 10%
CEX: 20%%
Marketing 15%

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